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Corghi Touchless Machines

If you are searching for a trusted tire shop that won't scratch your wheels, or damage the bead of your new tires, then here's a list of dealers who invested their time and money to use the best in no touch tire mounting. These machines do not use tire bars, rim claps or bead breaking shovels, all of which would scratch a valuable wheel, or worse cause damage to the tire bead.
More shops will be listed soon. Top of the line machines are the Master Code, AM26 Master and Master J. The AM50 and AM500 also do do not have metal to metal contact to the wheel.

Ask a potential installer if you can see their machine, most of them are going to be proud to show you their Corghi investment.

For No Touch Machine in your area: Click Here


New REMO Compact Alignment Machine

Ryan at SEMA Show

Corghi demonstrates the latest REMO model in the series of state of the art in alignment.
The REMO Compact, can acquire vehicle data in less than 90 seconds, without the use of any wheels clamps.


If you are looking for a Corghi (new) or if you need parts for one
you already own, then you have come to the right place!


NEW EQUIPMENT SALES: We have the selection of tire mounting, wheel balancing and wheel alignment equipment that you need for today's vehicles. Mounting up to 32" tires for passenger and light duty trucks, or truck wheels up to 58" & tires up to 98" in diameter. We can help you choose the right equipment for the type of business you are handling in your shop. Visit or call us toll free at 800-227-6965.

Before you buy from a catalog or generic tool house, please talk to us about what equipment is going to suit the work that you see everyday! We use our Corghi everyday!

If you are interested in using the Corghi No Touch Equipment in your shop, we now have leasing options.

Online Leasing Application is now easier than ever to use. Your updated Online Application link is:

We can even bundle your customized lease to include the Smoke Wizard (evap leak detection) and/or the ATEQ TPMS Tool. For more information:

Artiglio 50 AM 26 EM8570-QL-RR.jpg Artiglio 500 Exact700

Corghi Parts


EXISTING OWNERS: Do you already own a Corghi and are looking for parts, just email us at or call us at 877-851-2737.

We will find the right part and get it shipped to you fast! We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and AMEX.

Before looking for a part, you need the Model and Serial number of your machine!

This information is located on a silver decal, usually near where the air hose attaches to the filter, regulator, oil reservoir. Check the serial number cheat sheet for complete info here.

Basically, serial numbers that begin with the letter C followed by two letters are the easiest to decipher.
C means Corghi, the second letter is the year & month, A = 2004, B = 2005, C = 2006 etc.
The third letter is the month, A = January etc

The older machines have 3 or 4 letters indicating the year and month.

Once you know the year and month of manufacture, then proceed to download your Breakdown pdf.

To find your part for your machine:

Please Call: 877-851-2737 or 201-784-8848 or click on this link PDF's of Corghi Parts
or if you already know your part number click here

L1040160 part
L1040171 part
L1040192 part


We also offer demos in our own showroom located 12 miles north of the GW Bridge. Bring us your toughest tire and let us show you how we can mount and balance even the seemingly impossible. See, we use our Corghi equipment every day.

If you are located in the New York Metro area, we can also arrange for a service visit. We specialize in servicing the Artiglio series from Corghi, the Master, the AM50 and AM500 machines. We cover Long Island, Westechester, Orange & Rockland counties, Southern Connecticut, as well as Northern New Jersey. Call us to schedule an appoint 877-851-2737.

Looking for Authorized Service for your Corghi machine outside the New York Metropolitan Area?

Check out the online lookup for a service center near you: